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Todo List

Class halftoner::ErrorDiffusionHalftoner
put more work in this class, only requesting the pattern from the child classes.

Member halftoner::ErrorDiffusionHalftoner::scanline(const Image &source, int threshold)
use setLine() instead of setColorAt.

Class halftoner::HalftonerFactory
make the keys for the algorithm as objects other than const char*, probably agragating Instanciator with it.

Member halftoner::HalftonerFactory::Repository::Repository()
figure out why calling methods, such as add() in the constructor do not work.

Class halftoner::ImageIO
allow the saving of PNG image also.

Member halftoner::ImageIO::loadPGM(std::istream &is)
i/o error checks.

write better implementation (make sure delete data is called - use autor_ptr.

Member halftoner::ImageIO::savePBMraw(const Image &image, std::ostream &os)
make sure the output is correct and it is not ACDSee that is bugged.

i/o error checks.

Member halftoner::ImageIO::savePBMascii(const Image &image, std::ostream &os)
i/o error checks.

Member halftoner::VG91::halftone(const Image &source, const HalftonerSpec *spec)
make this better.

Member halftoner::VG95::halftone(const Image &source, const HalftonerSpec *spec)
make this better.

Member halftoner::VGexp::halftone(const Image &source, const HalftonerSpec *spec)
make this better.

Member halftoner::VGexpSpec::VGexpSpec(int cluster, float err1, float err2, float err3, const SFCPathFactory::SizeMnemonic &mnemonic)
check that the errors sum to near 1.0f

Class halftoner::VGHalftoner
bring common functionnality of the subclasses in this class.

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