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halftoner::ErrorDiffusionHalftoner::PathStrategy Class Reference

#include <ErrorDiffusionHalftoner.h>

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Detailed Description

Class PathStrategy is the interface for the scan strategy used by the error diffusion algorithm.

Definition at line 52 of file ErrorDiffusionHalftoner.h.

Public Methods

Abstract method

Protected Methods

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

halftoner::ErrorDiffusionHalftoner::PathStrategy::PathStrategy   throw () [protected]


Definition at line 45 of file ErrorDiffusionHalftoner.cxx.

halftoner::ErrorDiffusionHalftoner::PathStrategy::~PathStrategy   throw () [virtual]


Definition at line 55 of file ErrorDiffusionHalftoner.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Image* halftoner::ErrorDiffusionHalftoner::PathStrategy::operator() ErrorDiffusionHalftoner   halftoner,
const Image   source,
int    threshold
throw () [pure virtual]

Applies the strategy.

halftoner  the halftoner to apply the strategy on.
source  the source image.
threshold  the threshold of the algorithm.
Returns :
the halftoned image.

Implemented in halftoner::ErrorDiffusionHalftoner::ScanlinePathStrategy, and halftoner::ErrorDiffusionHalftoner::SerpentinePathStrategy.

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